Our story

ORIN started back in 1995, so we continue to successfully apply 27 years of gained knowledge and experience in selling our medical devices and food supplements into today’s business. Our Co-workers have 14 years of experience in creating various food supplement formulas and their subsequent application to their production.

Today, ORIN Group s.r.o. is a family-type company that produces tailor-made nutritional supplements for partners in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, the USA, Romania, Hungary, and Malaysia.

We are proud that our production line is fully compliant with European standards. We have a fully implemented quality management system ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:2018 into our products which is also in line with (GMP- Good Manufacturing Practice). Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ( HACCP ) are entirely used in our production line.

You can verify the validity of our SGS certification at this link. Company name: ORIN Group, Country: Slovakia

Our mission

To produce food supplements that help to keep human health in excellent condition.

We will produce a product that will make your customers feel happy…


Beauty from within

Women’s health

Weight control

Digestion & Intestinal Health

Joint health

Improving cognitive functions (memory, concentration, alertness)

Stress management – adaptogens

Immunity support (adults and children)

Vitamins and minerals with gradual release

Liquid nutritional supplements


Our professional team creates product recipes to ensure their best possible functionality.

Production is by ISO 9001, ISO 22 000: 2018. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP is integrated into our company, ensuring production control at every step. The production also complies with EU / EFSA and FDA standards.

We provide testing of manufactured products through independent testing laboratories according to international standards.

We provide you with raw materials and ingredients from suppliers around the world. We focus on the highest quality, no GMOs, from high credit suppliers that meet GMP and EU standards.

We can adapt to the needs of vegetarians, vegans, customers with gluten-free and lactose-free diets.

How we produce your Food Supplement


Product request & Type of packaging request (powder, capsule, sachet…)


Our advice on composition and design.


Samples production for you.


Placing an order, receiving a proforma invoice.


Manufacturing & Shipping.


  • We produce according to your requirements in small and large quantities.
  • Our chemists are experts in creating recipes for food supplements.
  • We will differentiate your food supplement from potential competitors.
  • We directly provide high-quality raw materials for production from the manufacturers or their authorized representatives.
  • We will pack the product and prepare it for shipment.
  • We will design and print leaflets and brochures at affordable prices based on your request.

Packaging according to your wishes

Our products

Raw materials

High-quality raw materials for production directly from manufacturers or authorized representatives mean you get excellent quality at a reasonable price.

No GMOs (genetically modified organisms) using.

We meet the needs of vegetarians, vegans, customers with gluten-free and lactose-free diets.

Product registration

We guide you through the compliance process and register products to be made available on your country’s market. 

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Telephone (Inquries)

Mr. Peter Vanka
+421 907 904 104

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Headquarters Address

Na Štepnici 1379/1,
960 01 Zvolen

Company details

ORIN Group, s.r.o.
VAT NO: SK2023327735

Na Štepnici 1379/1,
960 01 Zvolen

Telephone (Factory)

Mrs. Danka Gondová
+421 917 493 802

Email (Factory)


Factory Adress

Môťovská cesta 10322/16,
960 01 Zvolen

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Company details

ORIN Group, s.r.o.
VAT NO: SK2023327735

Na Štepnici 1379/1,
960 01 Zvolen