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/Our Story

History of the company ORIN Group s.r.o. dates back to 1995. We use 27 years of gained knowledge and experience in the field of selling medical devices and food supplements. Our team-mates in production have been using their rich 14 years experience in formulating and production of food supplements.

Today, ORIN Group s.r.o., a family- type company that produces custom-made food supplements for customers in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Romania, UAE and Indonesia.

/Our Vision

To help our customers have an ever growing food supplement business through our skills, experience, products and services.

/Facts & Figures

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/Our Mission

To produce food supplements ensuring that the human body keeps its health and works great.

/Our Production

There are two separate production plants. One of them is aimed at production of powder food supplements and the other one at liquid food supplements.

Production complies with ISO 9001, ISO 22000: 2018. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP are integrated in our company, ensuring production control at every single step. Production also complies with EU/EFSA and FDA standards.

Our professional team creates product formulas to ensure their best possible functionality.

We provide testing of manufactured products in independent testing laboratories according to international standards.

We purchase raw materials and ingredients from suppliers worldwide. We focus on the raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality and from the most credible suppliers who meet GMP and EU standards.

We use a number of brand-name ingredients with study-backed results.

We can adapt to the needs of vegetarians, vegans, customers with gluten-free and lactose-free diets.


ORIN Group s.r.o. is certified by the world leader in testing and certification, SGS based in Switzerland.

ISO 22000:2018 – is a globally accepted standard that is a crucial and key indicator of food safety. It provides guarantee that the product is produced in compliance with international standards for food safety, in a strictly controlled environment, providing a complete traceability of the used raw materials, packaging and the entire production process from its very beginning.

HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – is the world’s the most widespread system aimed at ensuring food safety. The system is based on continuous control of materials, conditions and individual processes aimed at achieving hygienic flawlessness and health safety of the food supplements we produce.

GMP – provides the customer with the assurance that the product is produced in environment under the highest hygiene standards. Nutritional supplements produced in compliance with GMP standards are always produced in consistent quality according to good food practices.



Women’s beauty


Women’s health


Weight control


Digestion and Intestinal health


Probiotics & Prebiotics & Postbiotics


Joint health


Cognitive functions (Memory & Concentration)


Stress and fatigue


Immunity support (adults & children)


Vitamins and minerals with gradual release


Liquid nutritional supplements


Libido- women and men

/Simple Way To Have Your Product

1. Product Inquiry

2. Creating the formula and price offer

3. Preparation of a sample

4. Placing an order

5. Production and shipping

/Why to Produce With Us

We provide private label products and white label products

We produce according to your requirements in small or large quantities

Our chemists are experts in creations of food supplement formulas

We will differentiate your supplement from potential competitors

We will provide you with ingredients of their highest quality directly from a manufacturer or their authorised dealers

We will pack the product and prepare it for shipment

We will prepare marketing support for you based on your requirements

We will be absolutely supportive and prepare all documentation needed for food supplement registration in your country

/Our Work

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Company details

Phone: +421 907 904 104

Company name: ORIN Group s.r.o.
VAT: SK2023327735

Street: Na Štepnici 1379/1
City: Zvolen
Post Code: 96001
Country: Slovakia

Location details

Local time: 21:28 (UTC +1)
Distance from Airports:
Bratislava (BTS) – 186 km
Budapest (BUD) – 176 km
Wien (VIE) – 254 km

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